Learning at SIDC

SIDC is a unique place. It is not simply day care or a childcare center, but a downtown Seattle mini-community, dedicated to inspiring its children to grow into well-rounded, thoughtful individuals as well as successful learners. SIDC appreciates that not all children learn at the same pace or in the same way. To that end the Center strives to address individual needs and abilities.
Curriculum development at SIDC is an ongoing process, driven by the children. SIDC creates hands-on learning experiences and integrates ideas and skills across a variety of learning styles. In addition, the curriculum encourages flexibility and independence while recognizing the differences between students.

SIDC is a proud participant of Early Achievers, Washington’s Quality Rating Improvement System (QRIS), earning the status of “Quality Level of Excellence”.  For more information, please visit the Department of Early Learning’s website: http://www.del.wa.gov/care/qris/Default.aspx.


The age ranges presented may vary by a month or two within the classes, depending on a number of factors. Should you wish to tour our downtown Seattle Center, we will be happy to discuss it with you in more detail at that time.

Infant Care (1 month to 12 months)

Where the discovery begins. The Infant Room provides a caring, engaging, and dynamic atmosphere for infants to begin exploring their world. Each baby and their family is welcomed to the Center by two primary caregivers. Together, they work to meet the unique and individual needs of each child.

Maximum teacher to child ratio: 1 to 3

Small Toddler Care (12 months to 22 months)

Discovery in the fast lane. As in the Infant Room, each “Small Tod” has assigned caregivers and remains on his or her own sleeping schedule. The children explore taste, texture, smell, sounds and sight through field trips and activities such as painting, stacking, sorting, climbing, music and outdoor play as they experience the world around them.

Maximum teacher to child ratio: 1 to 3.3

Big Toddler Care (22 months to 34 months)

Self-expression (that you can honestly understand). The toddler’s growing independence is the focus in the “Big Tod” Room. Activities include cooking and gardening, field trips, arts and crafts, imaginative outdoor and indoor play and regular library visits. We give children exposure to a collaborative team of caregivers in keeping with big toddler’s increasing self-reliance.

Maximum teacher to child ratio: 1 to 5

Preschool (34 months to 4 years)

Where “formal” education begins. Our goal in the Preschool Room is to help children develop respect for themselves and others while experimenting and investigating at their own pace. Language, music, pre-math skills, science, art, reading readiness and practical life skills are taught. Field trips include visits to such places as the Children’s Museum, Pike Place Market, and the Woodland Park Zoo. Preschool also alternates weekly visits to the Downtown Public Library and Soundbridge, a program provided by the Seattle Symphony.

Maximum teacher to child ratio: 1 to 7

Pre-Kindergarten (4 years through 5 years)

Preparing for Kindergarten and beyond! The “Pre-K” class is led by a certified teacher and staff experienced in this older age group. Children interact with each other and the teachers at “centers” which focus on pre-reading, math skills, science, and art. Social interaction and problem solving skills are also fostered. Weekly library visits and seasonal field trips, including the theatre, round out the curriculum.

Maximum teacher to child ratio: 1 to 10